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Carbon Emission Reduction

When the climate change and environmental protection thought is placed at the center of our work, it will be possible to create sustainable development. Reducing carbon emissions and protecting of nature is now an important prestige indicator for corporations. As Naturel Enerji Group, we know that financial growth has no value unless there is a healthy functioning natural world and social structure. Based on this fact, our company aims to contribute to a sustainable future and to take concrete steps in this regard.

Our group continues its renewable investments in order to accomplish its responsibilities towards the environment and society with renewable energy power plants operating with 89 active power plants in 4 different regions of Turkey. Emission reduction certification works are successfully carried out with Qatar-based, GCC (Global Carbon Council) and independent verification party accredited by GCC for all our renewable energy power plants. We will have an average of 124,939 tons of emission reduction certificates per year.

In the future, companies that which want to offset their carbon emission emissions by certifying them, while contributing to nature and a sustainable future by obtaining carbon emission reduction certificates of our group's power plants, From 1st of January, 2023 with the " Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism– CBAM” to be implemented, the opportunity to find a place in the competitive market, which has a great importance in import and export processes will have provided.

Environmental Policy 

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