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Our group considers its employees as one of its most valuable resources, and within this framework,  in all human resources processes from recruitment to wage management, whether the competence of candidates and existing employees meets the qualifications required for open positions, promotions and similar conditions within our company, we evaluate this process completely independent of reasons such as religion, language, race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, without discrimination. Likewise, between the salaries of our employees with equal experience and competence, our company practices positive discrimination towards women. Female employees in the same position receive an average of 5% higher salary.

All our companies within our group follow global developments in human resources management and continuously improve the working environment in a way that increases the loyalty of our employees with a dynamism suitable for different needs of the sector and functions.

In the selection of employees, promotion, internal transfer and rank reduction, selection is made from within the company with in-house job announcements. For vacant or newly opened positions, the positions are filled with the appropriate candidate by using internal resources within the framework of the promotion policy or previous promotion planning. It is also used as a means of rewarding high performance and commitment to the institution by filling the vacant positions in our group's workplaces. Promotion decisions are made by taking into account the seniority, performance, potential, personality and relationships with other employees after the formation of the position need. However, religion, language, race, gender, sexual orientation and similar preferences are not decisive factors that affect or guide promotion decisions.

For transparency purposes, our company is disclosing certain salary measures without revealing personal information. Accordingly, as of the end of 2022, the highest salary is 4,501 USD, average salary is 913.30 USD and median of the salary is 674,27 USD.

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Recruitment and Performance Management

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