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Human Rights

As a signatory of the UNGC, the Company continuously strives to enhance and improve the work environment to meet the diverse needs of sectors and functions, thus increasing the commitment of our employees. We view our employees as one of our most valuable resources and ensure that all human resources processes, from recruitment to compensation management, are conducted without discrimination based on reasons such as religion, language, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. All employment candidates and current employees are treated equally for open positions, promotions, and development potential within the Company.

Employee selection relies primarily on internal resources and vacant or newly opened positions are filled with suitable candidates from within the organization in line with our succession policy.  

We respect our employees' freedom of association, union membership, and collective bargaining rights. We do not have any employees who are members of any union within our company as per their own desires; however, some of our employees in group companies are members of professional chambers, and their activities are supported by the Company.

As a signatory of the UNGC, we obtain commitments from our suppliers to uphold and implement human rights principles. To date, we have not encountered any supplier penalized for non-compliance with human rights and have not had to terminate any supplier contracts due to a supplier's violation of these principles.

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