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Employee Well-being & Development


Employee Well-Being: 
The Company supports work-life balance of its internal stakeholders by granting one day of remote work every two weeks. 

We also support our internal stakeholders’ health and well-being with two initiatives: Naturel Holding Walking Club and Naturel Holding Volunteers Club.

We prioritize the health and happiness of our internal stakeholders and include them in our decision-making process by obtaining their feedback with internal stakeholder surveys.

Employe Development: 
The Company supports its internal stakeholders’ personal development by internal and external training activities which focus on strengthening skills and gaining new knowledge. 

New internal stakeholders embark on an in-house technical training programme upon starting their work. The durations of technical training sessions vary depending on each division. 

Personal development training for all employees is planned and conducted by the Human Resources Division in collaboration with unit managers. Unit managers submit to HR department a list of professional training courses which they recommend for their teams for the following year.

The Company also provides in-house Sustainability Webinars with an objective to raise awareness of its internal stakeholders on sustainability goals and strategies

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