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Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion

In all our companies within our group, selecting, developing, evaluating and managing human resources according to contemporary criteria and with the principle of equal opportunity is one of our top priorities by bringing together their skills and competencies.

Adopting a knowledge, skill, experience, competence and performance-oriented approach regardless of gender and creating a fair environment within the company by considering that diversity within the company is a wealth, and striving to find equal opportunities and egalitarian practices.

We undertake to create a safe and healthy working environment, to ensure gender equality, and to keep the employment rate of women employees above 30%at all levels and periods. Although we have a policy to achieve this goal by setting a minimum target of 25% for the female member ratio in the board of directors of the company, the female ratio of the board of directors in our company is 33%. Our company practices positive discrimination towards women. Female employees in the same position receive an average of 5% higher salary. In this direction, creating and maintaining an environment dominated by diversity and equal opportunities is one of our primary goals.


In order to increase the use of renewable energy, our Board resolved to reduce our profit margin to 25% of the average profit margin, in rural areas and areas impacted by disasters, for the solar power plant projects of up to 10 KW ordered by the low income retail customers.

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