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Employee Development

The development of all employees is evaluated equally within the framework of "performance management" and necessary supportive works are carried out for their progress. In-house and external training activities are supported and carried out in order to improve the skills of our employees and to contribute. Arrangements are made to ensure that employees can improve themselves, provide programs and a working environment, and care is taken to ensure that the physical conditions are at the highest level.

In-house technical training is provided to our new employees. The duration of technical trainings specific to the department varies. External group trainings are also received in the department.

The aim of the training and development studies is to help the professional and personal development of the employees. Unit managers send the list of vocational trainings recommended by the department employees to Human Resources for the next year in October and November every year. Personal development trainings are planned and carried out by the Human Resources and Organizational Development Unit in cooperation with the unit managers for all employees. In 2021, a total of 812 hours of training was given to our group employees and 427.381 TL was spent on training. If our employees within the company want to receive technical training from outside the company, our company bears the costs of the relevant trainings. Although our colleagues who have a master's degree can leave the workplace early, they are not expected to complete the missing hours.

Our company provides gift packages and financial support for our employees who get married and have children. We also offer daycare allowance for our employees with children up to primary school age, and financial and daycare support for their dependents.


We have a seniority package application in our company, which includes the 1st year, 3rd year, 5th year, and 10th-year milestones. Our employees benefit from these packages according to their seniority year. These packages are designed and prepared to cover the health, social life, quality time spent with their families and loved ones, and financial assistance based on seniority years.

In order to meet the flexible working needs of our employees, we have a policy of working from home one day a week, on a bi-weekly basis

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