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Waste Management


Within the scope of our waste management policies, we aim to prevent and minimize waste produced both in our main operations and offices.

To focus on our waste management targets, we founded our Waste Management Subcommittee. The subcommittee helps decide and organize waste minimization, waste recycling and waste recovery efforts with the help of municipalities, in accordance with the first article of our Environmental Policy.

Under our Green Office Project, glass, metal, plastic, and paper waste accumulated in our offices are segregated and periodically collected by municipallity-approved firms, thereby helping in reducing environmental pollution.

All waste is weighed, measured and documentated before being sold as scrap or sent for recycling.

In solar power plants, solar panels may need to be replaced due to advancements in technology before completing their lifespan. In such cases, the Waste Subcommittee first plans for the donation of panels to be reused in geographies of need, and if reuse is not feasible, it organised their recycling.

Under our E-Waste policy, all electronic devices used by our internal stakeholders are donated or recycled when they complete their life span.

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