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Waste Management

As an institution we are aware that sustainable growth, which we place on the main axis of our activities, is possible as long as we practice the principles of sustainable environment and energy and we aim to use all resources efficiently and to recycle and recover.


Wastes generated within our body are separated as glass, metal, plastic and paper and hazardous waste and the products subject to recycling are collected periodically by the contracted companies of the municipality.


We do not have toxic chemical use in our operations. In 2022, we had 16.4 tons of waste, none of which was hazardous.

In 2021, we have recycled 17,25 kg of paper, 18,10 kg of glass, 2,81 kg of metal and 2,93 kg of plastic waste.

In 2022, we have recycled 22,25 kg of paper, 23,34 kg of glass, 3,62 kg of metal and 3,77 kg of plastic waste.

Click on the link for E-Waste Policy.

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